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Experiments in third person

It’s short, but it’s something. Will probably be continued in snapshots and shtuff.

“Hey, it’s Kaitlynn, right?” Said the boy, throwing himself on the plastic chair next to her.
“Um, yeah. But most people call me Mousey.” She said.
“Why?” He asked.
She frowned, as if nobody ever asked her that before. “It was an inside joke, but then it caught on. I guess I just look like a Mousey.”
He smiled. “I’m Roger. And it’s the first day and we’re both outside the heads office.”
She grinned. “Hey, I’m just getting welcomed. What’s your deal?”
“That would be telling.” He said, but she didn’t really need to ask. She could smell the smoke.
She made a tsk sound with her tongue, and laughed.
“Kaitlynn Anderson?”
“That’s me.” She said, standing up.
Roger looked up at her. “I’ll see you later, yeah?”
She smiled. “Yeah.”


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