Shiny Black Shoes.

I am proud of this more because it’s the first thing I’ve managed to write and finish in this past month due to family problems killing any sense of creativity rather than because it’s any good. So be kind. 🙂

Walking down the hallway,
in shiny black shoes,
Skidding round the corner,
Got to keep moving,
But no,
She’s not running from you.

Her eyes point downwards,
her hands buried deep.
She slows to a halt,
by the boy, asleep,
the boy,
who’s like a brother to her.

You watch her as she sits,
on the plastic chair,
she shuffles up to him,
and wakes him lightly
“Hi Lou.”
Tears shine in her eyes.

“He screwed me over. Twice.”
you hear her speak.
“There’ll always be another, lou.”
And that’s your signal.
“Hi, Lou.”
And now it’s your turn.


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One response to “Shiny Black Shoes.

  1. joethearachnid

    I would mist certainly enjoy this more if Neon Genesis Evangelion hadn’t recently broken my higher brain functions.
    On a caveman primitive level, however, I still really like it.
    These shoes… are they patent leather, or just very well polished?

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