I wasn’t originally intending something quite like this… but I rather like it. 🙂

The room is full of old chairs. The dustcovers have rotted away, leaving nothing but dust. The room is like a chair graveyard. It’s empty, devoid of life, and seems almost in mourning for the stacks and stacks of green plastic chairs that came here to, for lack of a better word, die.

I stand in silence, in the centre of the room. It takes a moment for me to remember why I’m here, but I know I have to do something. I can’t just stay here.

As I begin to tug at chairs, manoeuvring them into a wall alongside my path, the whispers begin. First one, then two, then more and more as the sound rises to a cacophony of crackled hisses.

They all go quiet as I move the last chair to the sideline. I turn to survey my handiwork, realising only too late that I have inadvertently barricaded myself in this graveyard.

And graveyard it is, I think to myself as I turn once more to look at the coffin that called me here.

With each step I take, a tremor runs through me. I’m shaking, but I can’t back out now. As my fingers touch the edge of the lid, pain turns them rigid as the scream tears through my mind. I shut my eyes, determined to make the scream stay in my mind. A gasp trickles out, hanging in the musty smelling air as I reach forward to trace the letters on the coffin.

There is no going back now, I know, as I fight to keep control of my mind. My eyes flick open as I ease the lid upwards, trying to ignore the pain.

I glance down, gazing at the milky blue eyes that opened when mine did.

I can’t hold back the scream, this time, but it’s okay. It doesn’t last long before a cold, powerful hand stops it in my throat.


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One response to “Graveyard

  1. joethearachnid

    I did like the dustcovers becoming dust – very ironic n’all that. I do actually read these quite often, just don’t comment ’cause my comments tend to be rambling and go off on tangents with no real relevance to the discussion. Well, you asked for it this time.

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