Leave me alone

Once again, written in class. Can’t remember which. It’s kinda sucky, but yeah. Deal.

“Leave me alone!” I hear myself scream, from the part of me that is currently utterly detached. They won’t, I know they won’t. This part of me has stopped caring, but the flighty, temperamental, hurting part of me just wants to be left alone. That much is clear.

I take to my feet and run- it’s the same routine played out day after day. I just can’t bring myself to give a shit. It’s funny how weird that numbness feels, I reflect, as my feet pound the concrete floor and the taunting yells draw nearer behind me.

I’ve hit the steps. I could go up them to some kind of safe zone, but the risk is too great. They’ll catch up, and I’ll be tossed down the stairs like some kind of ragdoll. Maybe then they’d stop bullying me.

I make a decision, smiling grimly to myself, as I turn around and face the bastards.

I just don’t care anymore.

“Do your worst.” I say.

And they really do.


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