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The Girl

Written as I stared out the window of a classroom on a snowy day.

The snow covers the rooftops, occasionally slipping down, crashing amonst the bushes. The school is empty, the teachers idle, and the ground white.
She walks along the snowy grass in her delicate fur boots, appearing not to notice the cold as she strides confidently. Her skin is shimmery, her auburn hair floating out behind her. In this setting, this place, she seems almost mythical as she tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. The cascading snow from the nearby rooftop does not bother her at all as she walks on the crunchy ground.
She reaches the old stone building, the one that is rarely used. The snow falling misses her by an inch as the door swings open. Inside, the hall is different to normal. Desks line it, but there is nobody to sit upon them.
The girl moves to sit at the front row, and cocks her head as if listening to something. Moments later, she stands up, and goes out through the swinging oak door. By now, her lips are a bright ghostly blue, but she appears not to notice this as she reweaves a path through the snow.
Behind her, the snow is pure white, untouched, as if she were never there at all. Her auburn hair seems to fade with the dying light of the day, and moments later, the girl is gone.


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