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The quiet, quiet room.

I know that nobody reads this, but I’m sorry it’s been so long *anyway*. I have only one thing to show you today, because for a looooong time I will be working on my novel. The novel that I haven’t touched in like a month. ¬¬ But yeah. Anyway.

She swung her legs on the chair, as the creaking of tables, the shuffling of papers, and the scratching of pens echoed through the exam hall. She’d long since finished her essay and now she was waiting, as the minutes dragged by, for the bell. She tapped her pen on the table, the sound barely audible in the not-really-silence of the hall. She stared at the clock, it’s unwillingness to tick gently slowing down the seconds.

Finally, the invigilator spoke the words. “Ten minutes remaining.” he barked, and she allowed herself a small smile. She scanned through her essay. The hurried pen movements of her peers told her that while she enjoyed the ten minute mark, others were not so thrilled by it. She glanced one last time at the essay, then dropped it on her desk with a certain finality. She collected her belongings and waited for the trill of the bell to speak in that quiet, quiet room.


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