Classwork #2

Only four days into the new term at my new school, and already I’m writing in lessons. Shame on me, eh? This is a poem and an (extremely) short story.


The door slams, a bang that echoes through the house.
"Callie!" She shouts, angry already. I flinch. They told her. I'm in for it now.
Unless... my mind wanders, drifting to the window, it's open frame oh so inviting. I take a step towards it, even though I know I shouldn't.
I can hear her footsteps, tapping down the hall.
She's at the door, I'm half way out.
"Callie." She says, quietly now, shocked.
And I let go of the window sill.

Sitting at the Window

Sitting at the window,

Looking at the rustling trees,

An empty playground nurtures,

A massive pile of leaves.

Behind the darkened windows,

Children live and breathe,

Happy in the shadows,

Or crying on their knees.

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