An air of calm

Sorry for lack up updates, it’s the holidays and I’ve been busy 🙂 This is vaguely inspired by the misty night we had last night, and I looked out the window at 5am to see trees rising out of the mist. It was beautiful 😛

An air of calm settled over the gathering. The misty covered ground numbed their feet as they sat, each shivering, but determined to stay. The group was lit by a single candle, in the middle of the circle they had made. Not a single one had their eyes open as the 13th person entered the circle, his face shining in the flicker of the candle. His dark brown hair framed jeweled amber eyes, set in a face pale and cold. The candle flickered out, and he began to speak, in a cold, harsh, gutteral tongue, he summoned the people surrounding him, and each stood. Their eyes flashed red as they succombed to the power he exuded, and they knew he was in control.


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