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More than you could know

I wrote this a while ago, but I didn’t feel comfortable with sharing- so it’s thanks to Lee (who was the first and only person I showed it to) for giving me the courage to share. Let me know what you think, this is one of my favourite pieces.

“I never told you about Els, did I?” She whispers. I stroke her cheek and a smile crosses my lips. “Does it matter anymore?” I say.
The tears begin to fall, and she pushes me away. “Of course it matters. She was your sister.” she tells me.
Shaking my head, I pull her closer and wrap my arms around her. “I love you, you know.” I murmur, and press my lips to hers.
She smiles, her cheeks still wet with tears. Enclosed in her embrace, we are locked together. I feel like the happiest person in the world. We break our kiss, and I wrap my fingers around hers. We pull apart, and begin to walk home.
“Did you mean that?” She asks.
“More than you could know.” I say.


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Dance- Poem

Singular, not very good, poem. I may have some more (better) stuff up later today.

Dance, Dance,
Feet pounding on the floor,
Dance, Dance,
Dancing til you’re sore,
Dance, Dance,
Neon lights begging for more,
Dance, Dance,
It’s all different through that door.

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