Two Years Ago

A story based off pictures which I had to write for class. It’s fairly long, sorry. To give a bit of backround, the two pictures I used were like this: The first was a couple dancing on a beach with stormy clouds on the horizon, accompanied by maid and bodyguard. The second picture was four men on a beach, with a particularly moody feel to it. The character from the pictures, which I chose to represent were, in the first picture, the man, dancing, and in the second, the apparent leader of the four men on a beach. Hope this explains the story a bit more!

As we walk along the sandy beach, I think about the changes I’ve made, two years ago I was happy, dancing on the beach with the love of my life, I was a millionaire with a maid, and a bodyguard and now… now I’m in the Mafia, sperated from my family and I hate every minute of it.

I look across at the three men beside me. They are silent, as if awaiting orders. Orders that I can’t bear to give. The silence becomes more agressive, and I hear one of the men take in a breath, as if to say something, but I speak first:

“Goa bout your business. We can’t do the job today.”

They nod, and I begin to plan my escape.

Thinking back to my old life, I knew I couldn’t safely fo back. Too many questions, not enough answers.

There were limited escape plans- sonner or later, I’d be found. I’d need a completely new identity. I thought of names. A foreigner, with a simple past. Stupid, doesn’t talk much. There wouldn’t be too many questions that way.

My train of thoughts was broken by Howard, the man closest to me.

“Look, the boss said, we have to do it today. Before dark.”

I scowled. There wasn’t enough time. I’d have to make a break for it.

“Make the preperations, then, and meet me out here in an hour.” I said.

The others nodded, and went on their way. I noticed I was shaking.

An Hour. An hour was all I had. Escape had to happen now. Now or… or dare I say it, never.


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