Poems and random musings

A few things that popped into my head today 😀

The Waves
The waves come in, and go out,
The heartbeat of the sea,
While the noise of life,
Dominates the land,
I’d have it no other way,
than to sit here watching,
as the waves come in, and go out.

On the Ground
I lie in the grass,
floating on candyfloss,
high up in the clouds,
as tears streak down my face,
just exactly like rain,
only with emotion,
a deep, subtle pain,
I hear the crunch of footsteps
and a hand reaches out
I stand up
and here I am, right here on the ground,
I’m shaking and I’m crying,
there’s nothing I can say,
but a warm body surrounds me,
as I am lead away.

Morning Sun
The arguing has started again. Every few nights, a screaming match will start. Only this time, it’s different. I’m awake, and I’m listening. Quietly wondering what they’ve done, what caused it this time. I hear the crash of a vase, and I wince. Tears begin to form, and I know I should go to bed, ignore the sounds, pray that everything will be alright in the morning, just like I always do. But I don’t. I stay up, and I listen, and I learn things that I shouldn’t. I hear the door slam… she’s leaving, running away for a while after the argument, just like always. I hear his soft footsteps, heading for the drinks cabinet. He pads up the stairs, and into his room, and I hide in the darkness, waiting for her to come back. “Soon.” I whisper to myself, waiting for it. “She never stays out this long.” I murmur. The morning sun strikes the window, and I realise she hasn’t come back. And that she’s not going to.


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