Older Poems

Some of my older poems, again from the old site.

I saw him today,
Black tousled hair,
Icy blue eyes,
I remembered his jokes,
The way he smiled,
The way he kissed,
And the way he died.
I remember his hopes,
His dreams, his goals,
The way he told stories.
I remember his laugh…
And I wish he was here.
I wish he would laugh with me again,
Tell me his secrets.
I remember the noise he made
As the car hit him,
And the noise I made, as well.
I remember gasping, then the panic.
I remember the look
On the doctor’s face.
Darren, I’ll always love you,
And wait until we meet again.
I can’t keep the tears from my eyes.
Your life, your endless energy…
Gone forever.
Goodbye, Darren, goodbye!

Face like ice,
Frozen Eyes,
Charred black soul,
King of lies,
Shattered dreams,
A twisted smile,
Tortured past,
Life of exile,

Cursed Life,
Blind with Madness,
Cruel Fate,
Bitter Memories,
Deathly Mind,
From the start,
A golden heart
Asleep inside.

I dream about love,
I dream about magic,
I dream about happiness,
and I dream about the future.
One day, I’ll dream,
my dream will come true,
I’ll make a wish,
and that’ll work too,
I’ll make friends with an elf,
and I’ll smile, always,
and I’ll stay happy,
with my magic,
my love,
and my smile.

Miss you…
You laughed,
You smiled,
You promised me it would be okay,
but no,
you lied,
and now you left me behind.
You ran away,
you said goodbye,
you left me with memories,
of happy times,
and you left me misery,
because all I can do now,
is remember you.
Come back…
I miss you.


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