Older Poems #2

More old poems.

Tears of joy, Tears of madness
Tears faked and tears of sadness.
Crazy tears, and laughing tears
From one single life,
One single eye, one single child.

The Cage
Despair makes you think
You dream of escape, of fantasy,
Nobody knows,
How trapped you are,
When in despair,
Nothing compares,
To the pain in your heart,
A pain deep down,
You know it’s there,
It won’t go away,
Not ever, not here,
Somehow you cope,
You fight for survival
And somehow you win,
You smile, for a while,
Until it happens again,
You start to fear,
What happens if I lose?
And you shed a tear.

Giving Up
On the edge,
A bell tolls,
Leaping out,
Her mother calls
She’s giving up…

Be Yourself
Skip a mile,
dance for a week,
sing for a while,
don’t act so meek,
I know you’re brave inside,
I know you’ve got guts,
why don’t you try,
for once, be yourself,
and let go of your mind


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